Make It! (13 iPad Apps for Creative Teachers and Students)

Without really intending to, I’ve written a few posts recommending apps for the iPad and iPhone.

In what follows, I’d like to offer you a mixed party-bag of apps I have discovered since. What melts the whole sticky mass together is that most of them are focused on creative content generation. And they’re fun and easy to use. And highly ‘lickable’. I love using these apps and recommend all of them. As always, though, please check out the pricing, reviews and ratings on the app store and decide for yourself before you download them.

The apps are presented in random order. Click the links in the titles to unwrap them in the app store*.


1. Animation Creator

This sweet app seems to have quite a big cult following. Animation is simple and easy, and you can save your animations to your camera roll, ready to use as part of a blog post, presentation, lesson or resource pack. I absolutely love the ‘Cineverse’ which showcases user creations. Be sure to check it out.

I use Explain Everything to create flipped video lessons. Because audio is recorded per slide, it’s child’s play to redo voice-overs, and a convenient slider allows me to find and fix little slip-ups. I can insert text, writing and even use pointers to highlight what I am talking about. When I’m done, I can save it to my camera roll, upload it to my cloud service and even plonk it straight onto YouTube (without the need for a pesky ‘application specific password’). Highly recommended!

Move over Wallace and Grommet!
Take a picture and make added text bend and flex however you want it to. The results can be used in a presentation, blog or brochure. Very cool this – like a slip-and-slide on a hot day!

5. Doodle God

Ok, yes, this is a game. And it’s one of those very needy ones that always wants to access your Twitter and Facebook accounts, and wants you to check in every day for ‘manna’, and always reminds you that there are similar games available from the same company. There isn’t even much ‘doodling’. But slap it down when it misbehaves, get rid of the promo messages, forgive it’s small identity crisis, and what a game it is!

Essentially, you need to combine elements to make new ones. You begin with two, and end up making hundreds. What I like is figuring out the logic behind the odd combinations and trying to develop a system to cope with the ever-increasing possibilities. Doodle God isn’t a particularly difficult game, but it definitely gets you thinking creatively by encouraging you to combine strange things to get new and better elements. 

6. Discovr

Search for music you like. The Discovr app then shows you similar bands and takes you to an information page where you can read about them and listen to a few of their tracks. I am only just getting into it, but I can tell you it is already becoming a firm favourite!

Add speech bubbles and ‘cartoonify’ your pics.

An intuitive, fully functional photo editor with some nice tools and effects. Be funky? Invitation accepted…

There seems to be a plethora of apps that can do text to speech. But only Dragon Dictation does speech to text. Pretty cool… and it reminds you how important enunciation is. (I spoke most of this paragraph to Dragon and then pasted it in – after a bit of light editing!)

My girlfriend has gone almost entirely paperless with notability, using it to mark her students’ (digitally submitted) work. It is the ultimate note-taking app with a party-bag full of features. Probably even better (dare I say it?) than Penultimate. A must have – like a jumping castle for your iPad!

Take a picture. Add hotspots with text and video embedded. Lovely, clever and simple app. Add it to your ‘Essential Tools’ homescreen today!
A remote control for your creative PowerPoint presentations. (Yes, such things do exist!)

A recent discovery and the coolest app on this list. Add cartoon effects, text and whizz-bangs to your photos. Better than a juggling clown making balloon animals.
I hope all of the links work properly…  Please let me know if you notice any problems.
Have fun making!


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