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Twenty-First Century Skills Checklist for Students

Please feel free to issue this list to your students. Crit and creative thinking chklst Don’t forget to look me up on Twitter: Advertisements

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What’s the Point of Knowing?

  An imaginary conversation between a patient teacher and a very precocious student…

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You Know You Teach at a Private School When…

(Image: Getty) More from the Tongue-in-Cheek Department: You Know You Teach at a Private School When… The senior students drive more expensive cars than the faculty. At least four times a year you have a parent telling you that he … Continue reading

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iTeaching: The New Pedagogy (How the iPad is Inspiring Better Ways of Teaching)

  GETTING TO KNOW YOUR IPAD: INTUITIVE, HANDS-ON, PLAYFUL TINKERING, SOCIAL & PERSONALISED LEARNING On that magical day when you got home from the iStore, peeled away the plastic shrink-wrap and opened up that white box to reveal the gadget … Continue reading

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