Ten Traits of the Teacher I Would Like to Be


A great teacher…

  • Sets up an atmosphere of trust, openness, support and collaboration where ideas and opinions can be exchanged without fear of failure or ridicule.
  • Leads by example by being passionate about the learning experience.
  • Inspires and nurtures innovation, creativity, critical thinking and individual expression.
  • Possesses a general knowledge of other fields of study and incorporates this knowledge into lessons, encouraging connections between different fields of knowledge.
  • Has an original and unique style of teaching (follows a spontaneous, intuitive and original methodology).
  • Encourages students to learn experientially by exploring, researching, questioning, finding connections, experimenting, thinking, and reflecting.
  • Knows the importance of fun, humor, personal stories, relaxed / informal / open-ended instruction and games in the classroom.
  • Makes good use of learner-centered activities in order to get them interested, thinking and innovating.
  • Treats students with respect, integrity and care.
  • Allows students to fail safely.


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